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The art of Papua New Guinea

Displaying a diversity of work from the Sepik river to the Highlands, Living With The Spirits explores the art and industry of Papua New Guinea through a wide range of media. 

Impressive works of clay, wood, and basketry have been selected to highlight the connection of New Guinea’s diverse cultures to their animated spiritual worlds.

Size, 2,000-3,000 sq. ft.  

David Godreuil
Gaston Design Inc
David Godreuil

Living Fossils brings to life the fascinating world of insects and invertebrates. Almost all invertebrates alive today would have been recognizable millions of years ago. Yet, we hardly notice these small life forms that constantly surround us. They are as amazing as any imaginary alien world. With a wide variety of natural specimens, casts, oversized sculptures, and 2-D artwork, Living Fossils spotlights these unbelievable animals.

André De Kesel

Size 2,000-5,000 sq. ft.
Exhibition Themes
– The evolution of aquatic invertebrates
– The evolution of terrestrial invertebrates
– Modern insects
– Invertebrate evolution & biology

River Predators highlights the natural history of one of evolutions greatest success stories. Despite their appearance as living fossils, crocodiles over time evolved many body shapes and sizes. From small long legged terrestrial animals, to behemoths like Deinosuchus, Crocodiles have a rich underappreciated history. River Predators brings the history of these 200 million year old survivors to light with giant skeleton casts, life sculptures, and modern crocodile specimens. 

Size 2,000-5,000 sq. ft.
Exhibition Themes

-Giant crocodiles of the cretaceous

-Ancient and modern crocodile evolution & biology

-Bizarre crocodiles

-Humans and crocodiles