Robert Gaston with Ceratopsian skulls

Gaston Design Inc. was founded in 1996 by Robert Gaston. If you are a dinosaur enthusiast or know someone who is then Gaston Design, Inc., is the place for you! You won’t find better selection or better quality replica casts. We ensure that all of our products receive the highest attention to detail and quality. Our products are hand-poured and colored in our studio in Fruita, Colorado, U.S.A., centered right in the heart of the American Southwest’s Dinosaur Triangle!


We sell directly to the public as well as through museum gift shops throughout the United States. The quality and realism of our collection appeals to people of all ages and interests, from educators and paleontologists to collectors, serious dinosaur enthusiasts, as well as parents and their kids. As with all fine collectibles, our products are not intended as toys and should be enjoyed by children with adult supervision.

All fossils are molded in high quality silicone rubber and then hand-cast in durable resin to achieve the highest degree of accuracy in replicating the original fossil. We use multiple color layers, which results in unsurpassed realism. Each item is hand colored, so colors may vary. Most of our replicas are exact copies of actual fossils, though a few do have some restoration.

Our Collection

All items on this website have been selected for their excellent preservation, their uniqueness as type specimens, and their value as  teaching specimens. The original fossils from which our replicas were  made. Were obtained from the collections of the Utah Museum of  Natural History in SLC Utah, BYU earth Sciences Museum in Provo,Utah, the College of Eastern Utah, Prehistoric Museum in Price, Utah, The Museo Del Desierto in Saltillo Coahuila,  Mexico, Mesa Southwest Museum in  Mesa, Arizona, the Wyoming Dinosaur  Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming, the  Discovery Track Site in St. George, Utah,  and from private collectors.

A percentage of the proceeds from our cast sales are donated to the institutions that provide the fossils for casting. This helps fund the excavation, housing, and study of the original fossils and to support continuing research in paleontology.

Gaston Design, Inc. sells only fossil replicas. All items on our website offered for sale are replicas; we do not carry actual fossil material