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Dinosaur Skulls 

Dinosaur Skeletons 

Dinosaur Individual Parts 

Dinosaur Tracks 

Dinosaur Eggs and Egg Nests

Dinosaur Articulations

Pterosaur Skeletons

Claws & Teeth 

Cat Skulls 

Mammal Skulls & Miscellaneous 

Mammal Skeletons 

Ice Age Mammals & Parts

Marine Skeletons & Skulls 

Other Animals 

NOTE  Skeletons and larger items are not available on our shopping cart, please call 970-858-4785 to inquire about purchasing, production time and shipping cost.

Our Shopping Cart does not calculate shipping costs due to the variety of products and shipping locations. We will email you upon receipt of your order and on request give you a shipping estimate.

Skeleton and Skull Kits – Please note that kits require shop facilities to assemble, including welding and metal fabrication capabilities as well as miscellaneous smaller tools that are not included. Each kit comes with a list of required tools and materials as well as general assembly tips, also general knowledge of anatomy is helpful. Please contact us for more information.

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